Custom Fields

Is there a way to create my own field for a company so I can track the sales person on the account?

Yes! We have a new custom fields feature that will allow you to create your own field/fields on a company, and you can also create fields for orders!

First you'll need to make sure you have the permission to access the new feature - once that's done go to Settings -> Custom Fields.

You'll see that you'll be able to create a field, set if it's for a company, contact or order and whether or not you want the customer to be able to edit what's in the field. These new fields will then be available as variables to add to any of your output pages!

When creating a field for an order, the new field will show up in the side bar of all new orders underneath Order Name. 


For a company the new field will exist in their settings right above the tags section.


Then if you want the info from any of these fields to appear on your output pages, you'll find the 'variables' created by them here in your output page settings (you can get there by going to Settings -> E-Commerce -> Output Pages and then selecting the page you want to add this new info to):