1. Feature Requests

Feature request: Shipping toggle to ask whether customer has dock or forklift at ship to address

Shipping option to help drive an accurate price. Residential customers typically don't have a fork lift/dock & require a trailer, cost more.

We already have a feature on our "next to do" list that has to do with adding custom fields for companies which can then act as variables, etc. I don't have details yet, but we are going to try to combine this request with that feature so that you have something to work with!

Update: Custom fields are now available. To create a new field for shipping info go to Settings -> Custom Fields. You can either create a field for the side bar of the order page that has to be filled out each time OR you could make it a company field (if generally companies have the same shipping details that don't change per job).

Once you've created this new field it will automatically create a variable to use on your output pages, so don't forget to go to any output pages where you want to see the info from this new field and add the variable!