How old can my computer be?

Do I need a brand new computer? How old can mine be?

The only thing that might really give you issues is the 3D designer, and we haven't tried that on any suitably ancient hardware to give it problems. Probably anything up to about 7-8 years old should be fine. 

Google Chrome:


Safari:  Update your Mac to the latest version of iOS and the latest version of Safari. If iOS refuses to update because it insists your hardware is too old/weak, then your machine may be too old to continue using.

Being a web application, you can of course still use the Allmoxy website on some older operating systems or machines that fall short of the specifications, but you may experience some drawbacks: * If your machine is old or the hardware just isn't up to specification, it may be underpowered and run significantly slower. * If your machine is using such an old operating system which is no longer supported by the OS provider, it will not receive any updates which could potentially optimize and speed up the overall system. A lot of currently maintained software _could_ potentially run on not-quite-so-old-but-no-longer-supported systems, but the major web browser developers have nonetheless jumped on the "your six-month-old computer is obsolete" bandwagon and display, "We're no longer supporting this software on your operating system." If your browser is not up-to-date, there's a good chance it will lack some of the features utilized by Allmoxy to do fancy stuff like the 3-D cabinetry.A basic rule of thumb:  If just turning on the computer and checking email is a horrible, grinding experience because it takes so long for everything to load, then you're not going to have a good time using Allmoxy, Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc!