How services work

Fee schedule and services

Ok, here are how services work:

1-You agree to our "terms" (which I can send in a second).
2-We talk here about the work to be done and all the details are discussed at length.
3-We keep it simple, don't do estimates, and just bill in small weekly increments. You can stop or start the project at will.
4-Allmoxy assigns the right personnel to the project.
5-The hours are tracked and detailed, and progress is reported here between you and our services team.
6-Adjustments are made, work is performed, and we all get our hands dirty.
7-At the end of the week, you will receive an invoice for the services performed. You will have a period of 24 hours to discuss or dispute the details of the invoice, after-which Allmoxy will charge your credit card. 

Here is the fee schedule:
$25 an hour for busy work and data entry. $35 an hour for data Importing and training. $45 an hour for simple products work and cloning. $75 an hour for building products, 3rd party software integrations, website branding/design, and marketing help. $100 for project management and consulting. $150 for development by coders. Unmentioned items are $75 an hour unless specified otherwise. 

Do you have any questions? Shall I send you the agreement?