1. Getting Started

Is there a mobile app for Allmoxy? Will it work on my tablet?

Can I use a tablet for Allmoxy? Is there an app or when will Allmoxy release an app?

Unfortunately there's no mobile app for Allmoxy. Your best best is to just use the biggest tablet screen you can (it's best if the resolution is at least 1000 or more) and Chrome is usually the best browser.

Let's first distinguish between phones (that fit in your pocket), and tablets (that don't fit in your pocket). Anything small enough to fit in your pocket needs to be simplified down to very specific and minimalist designs (very few buttons). Tablets are a little better, because of more surface area, but don't have the capability that laptops and desktops do (think hover, left click, right click, drag and drop). Allmoxy's primary focus is on the laptop and desktop, because the things we're doing are very complex, and we need all the functionality from the device. 

Having said that, there is value in phone and tablet devices. We see it as a different kind of tool for different purposes. There will eventually be simple work flow tools for phones (think checking out inventory, etc.) and more visual tools for tablets (think AR designing a kitchen). Those tools are concepts and have not been started. There is not an estimate at this point as to their completion.