Is there a template that we could use?

Yes, we do have the ability to port products from our template into your site (at a cost)! 

First we like to have you talk to one of our team members so we can get a feel for your catalog and what you'd like to offer, then we'll copy over the appropriate products into your Allmoxy account.

Our cost is always a flat $75/hr and this process usually takes an hour or two depending on how many product you choose.

There are pros and cons to using template items - you don't have to build everything from scratch, but each product has pricing and part formulas in that may not be exactly the way you would create them yourself. This means you will still have to do some work to modify the template items to your liking (or pay us to make the modifications for you)! 

We have multiple template options, so if you're interested let's talk about what you want!