1. Getting Started

Is there a template that we could use?

Choose your starting point template

Yes.  We do have some starting point templates that you can use to get you as close as possible to your product offering.  We recognize that there are many similarities in the industry and that starting your catalog from nothing is far more complicated.  However, there are massive amounts of variables in each system and we recognize that everything wont be exactly how you need it. It is appropriate to consider the template as your "starting point".  Once you have a template in your instance, then you can begin to customize it how you would like. Here are some of the main templates offered. 

Custom Cabinets (Outsource man or 

1. Highly custom sizes as a number field

2. Very flexible pricing and variables

3. Many customer options

Demo Site

SKU Cabinets

1. Sizes are chosen from a drop down

2. Potential to add a custom mod variable for size

3. Flexible pricing and variables available but normally based on a spreadsheet