My background header is not what I want how do I edit or remove this?

Here’s how to edit, remove, and add a header background and logo.

You can make changes to the header by going to:

Settings (the gear icon) -> Theme

Srcoll down to the header background and header content sections.

The header works by combining the two elements on top of each other.

The header background is to be thought of as a non-functional “image”. It won’t contain buttons, links, or anything else that can perform an action. It is only an image.

The header image will repeat itself as many times as it needs to in order to cover the header area. This means that if you have uploaded a small image (let’s say 500 pixels wide), and your users are on a screen that allows the browser window to be 1000 pixels wide, your image will repeat twice. Keep this in mind when designing. Use images that can repeat without seams or lines. Solid colors work nicely because you can upload a very small (1 pixel wide, one pixel tall) image and it will repeat without issue.

The header content sits on top of the header image and is a layer that can have actual functionality (like links). You can use HTML to code the header like a web page, tying it back into your normal site. For example, you can add the same navigation menu the rest of your website has in order to make the Allmoxy page a seamless transition to the user.

Another common use of the header content section is to insert a company logo. You do this by using the header content editor. Contents in this section do not repeat, allowing you to align your content as you wish.