New Pricing Structure

Until now, it was somewhat unclear what your bill would be each month, which sometimes created some problems with budgeting. We're an industry of straightforward, plain talking people. We listened. Here's our solution.

The new model has 5 tiers. It is based on a once a month volume of "verified" status of orders. Once a month it takes the total amount of verified orders and places the company in a tier with a simple correlating monthly fee. 

Tier 1: 0-45k $250 monthly, 

Tier 2: 45-90k $500 monthly, 

Tier 3: 90-185k $1000 monthly, 

Tier 4: 185-375k $2000 monthly, 

Enterprise: $375k $Negotiated

You MUST have a credit card registered on file for Allmoxy's monthly billing. Go to this article to learn more about that here: How do I set up my credit card for Allmoxy billing?