Output Text in a Part Formula

Output text in your part attribute formulas (the text can show on both your output pages where part values normally show, as well as in your export formulas).

You can directly output text from a part by putting the text you want in parentheses with the word "text" before it, like so: text(these are my words). *NOTE: Do not put a space between text and your opening parenthesis!*

You can also use a variable to output text on both output pages & exports. 

You can use logic statements, like this: 

(width < 10 ? text(slim) : text(thicc))

But keep in mind that you cannot do both text output AND numeric calculations in one formula.

Here's a real example where the part attribute will give you the word "none" on your output page or export IF the door is under a certain width causing it not to have an inside profile: 
(width < door_style.min_width ? text(none) : door_style.inside_profile)

text output 3
text output2

You can also add comments to your part formulas now just like you've been able to do in your pricing formulas. Add a comment anywhere in a formula for your own notes by surrounding the comment with a star and forward slash, like so:

/*this is a comment*/