Reconfigure or redesign Parts List output page?

Is there a way to redesign the All Parts Output Page? Or is there another page that would be better to use for production?

Unfortunately the table that shows your parts on output pages does not have much configuration. It will always be the same basic layout with the product on the bottom left and the parts stacked next to it - however, looking at your All Parts page, here are two things that may help you get it looking a bit better:

- You can decrease the output page widths for your part attributes, which would probably allow three parts to fit on a line instead of two (i.e. Base Back, Base Left Side, and Base Right Side could all fit on the same line). This would greatly decrease the vertical space the list of parts is taking up.

- Many people use different output pages for different parts of the product, which would decrease the amount of parts on one output page. For example you could add another page for Drawer Boxes and move all the drawer info to that page.