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Services Engagement

Beginning of contract

This contract outlines the engagement between your company and Allmoxy for paid services. By agreeing, you are authorizing Allmoxy to perform services on your behalf. Your company agrees to pay the default rate per hour of $75 unless otherwise specified per project. It is explicitly understood that Allmoxy services rendered are compartmentalized, specific for completing isolated functions of the site, and will not necessarily in and of themselves enable a complete working system. Because of the nature of the complex interlocking features which require individualized inputs based on your company's’ method of operations, the services rendered may require more attention before it will operate as a functioning solution. Some work may be required either by your company or by Allmoxy’s service department at an additional hourly charge to bring it to your specifications. The completion of these services does not guarantee a working system on delivery. Your agreement with Allmoxy for services must be accompanied with participation within your own company for the complete working system. Allmoxy offers a wide array of services ranging from but not limited to: consulting, data input, catalog creation, formula creation, and site setting configuration. The details of the services requested with Allmoxy is documented inside of Allmoxy’s correspondence with you, this will include email, chat, and phone conversations. Services may be performed by Allmoxy at varying times of day, as Allmoxy has employees in multiple time zones. Please be responsive to the Allmoxy team. When working on your site, quick responses are requisite. Allmoxy relies on your input to be able to tailor the site to your company. Because of the extremely volatile nature of the setup, many different phases and levels of service may be necessary at different times. In order to accomplish the services in the most effective manner, Allmoxy has developed a protocol that is both flexible and structured. The Allmoxy team will come and go as needed, and will join and leave the project as required. Fees will be hourly and only applied as services are rendered. After a short period (usually one week), you will receive an invoice for the services performed. You will have a period of 24 hours to discuss or dispute the details of the invoice, after-which Allmoxy will charge your credit card. Allmoxy will, by default, and unless otherwise specified, use the credit card originally used to sign up for Allmoxy.

End of contract

If you agree to these terms, please respond in the affirmative by typing "I agree".