1. Day to day operations

How to run payroll and manage time cards

Here's a quick overview of three reports that work in tandem to help you run payroll and manage time cards 


Employee Timecards
If you're wanting to see how many hours an employee worked in a pay period, you'll want to visit the Employee Timecards. To view the employee timecards, go to Reports > Financial Reports > Employee Timecards. This will show the time for all of your employees. You can adjust the date filters and also filter by tags of employees. Click on the row to view daily breakdowns of hours, or click on the employee's name to go to their weekly time tracker. 


Time Tracking
If you want to see what jobs those employees worked on during that pay period, you'll want to visit the Time Tracking Report. Go to Reports > Managerial > Time Tracking. Here you can filter by date range AND by employee. You can also filter by order status to give you more information on where orders are at. You can edit time to a certain process by clicked on the pencil icon at the end of a row. 

Timecard Management
If you need to edit or adjust an employee's timecard, go to Timecard Management. Go to $ Financial Icon > Timecard Management. Here you can edit the In or Out time, as well as leave comments.