1. Day to day operations

How to undo transactions, issue refunds, and create credit memos

Helpful hints for using the financial features inside Allmoxy



If you need to undo a payment in Allmoxy (in other words, you need Allmoxy to reflect that the amount actually still needs to be paid. This is helpful if the payment was applied to the wrong invoice), you can go to Reports (the pie-chart icon) > Financial Reports > Transaction History.

On this transaction history page you will be able to filter the report by the dates and type of payments. Then when you hover over the payment you'd like to undo, you'll see a little arrow to undo the payment.


undo payment

Re-apply a customer payment to a different invoice:

Go to Financial Reports >Transaction Report and UNDO the payment on the incorrect invoice.

This does not refund the customer's payment, it just reverts which invoice it was applied to.

THEN you'll go to the correct invoice, apply a MANUAL payment (again because you already have the customer's money, they don't need to be charged again) and just make a note that this payment was incorrectly applied to another invoice and manually applied to the correct invoice.



If you need to issue a refund, first undo the transaction in Allmoxy by following the steps above, then you'll need to refund the customer's payment back to their bank account or card. You'll do this by going to your own Stripe dashboard and signing in (you only have one log-in for your whole company, which was created when you connected your site to Stripe). That's when you'll find the payment, click on it, and use the 'refund' feature.


To create a credit memo for a customer, go to your Financial tab (the $ icon at the top of your page) then choose 'Create Credit Memo' - this will let you choose the customer account and the amount of the credit memo. 

For more information about credit memos, visit this article.