What can I customize in Allmoxy?

I do things my own way, what can I customize in Allmoxy?

Of course. Every company is different, so our goal is to give you as many options as we can and get out of the way! Here are SOME of the things you can customize in your Allmoxy site:

  1. Custom URL (web address)
  2. Header
  3. Reports
  4. Logos on invoices, cut lists, etc.
  5. Pricing
  6. Part calculation
  7. Products
  8. Names

...And more. The idea is for us to disappear into the background and let your customers focus on you.

We can duplicate YOUR products, from really simple to really complex (with varying methods of pricing, validating, options, images, and more).

More on pricing customization:

You can customize pricing at the product level AND the customer level. Let’s say you want to give company ABC a discount for choosing alder, or give all the companies in the North part of the state a surcharge, or whatever… You can, automatically!