When and how do you decide when new features get developed?

This is a great question, thanks for asking!

Allmoxy is so, so adamant about making this software user-built. We strongly believe that our users have amazing ideas and our job is just to solve their problems using Allmoxy as the medium.

Having said that, we get a wide array of ideas. Some of these ideas are great, and some are not. It is our job to monitor the community and make as best use of the resources we have. We take into account a few considerations in order to form a scoring system of sorts:

Features that have a large impact on many users, take few resources, and do very little distracting from other features are rushed to the top of the priority list, while features that will have a small impact on only a few users, and will take large resources will be pushed further down the list.

We almost never discard ideas, no matter how far down the list they are. For example, at the time of this writing we have 115 features in our backlog, the oldest one being from 2011. Some features may be worthwhile, but continue to slip to the bottom, while some ideas are conceived and developed immediately.

At times, customers want a feature badly enough that we will allow them to pay for it to be developed immediately. We can allow this because we have both full time development teams of our own, and variable time contractor teams that can boost production when needed. In each of these instances, we try to share as much of the development cost as we can.